Reviving Lemongrass Pumice Scrub


✔ EXFOLIATES DEAD SKIN – Volcanic Pumice help gently exfoliate and remove the
Dead skin while smoothing rough skin and calluses.

✔ COMPLEXION CONTROL – Charcoal Powder helps draw out dirt, impurities & make-
up from skin surface and pores. Naturally Purifying skin detox to help revitalize your

✔ BATTLES FOOT &  BODY ODOR – Essential Oils and Botanicals help soothe skin
discomfort and embarrassing foot & Body Odor.

✔ BLACK CLAY – Contains amazing iron and oxygen properties, helping to eliminate
shine and normalize oily skin. It also cleanses blocked pores and nourishes skin by
improving blood and cell circulation and helping to reduce redness.

✔ LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL – Provides deep pore cleansing, removing excess oil
and impurities from pores, and tightening them. Its anti-microbial property helps fight
acne, athlete’s foot and other skin infections. It restores energy and combats mental
fatigue, promotes a positive outlook, and refreshes mind and body.

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Exfoliation not only helps remove dead skin, but also helps to prep your skin to support the effectiveness of soaps and lotions. Exfoliation is the cornerstone 1 st step of a multistep approach to healthy and happy skin. Let our Lemongrass Pumice scrub gently remove dead skin cells while natural essential oil help soothe smelly, irritated skin leaving your skin feeling softer and healthier than ever. Micro Pumice help gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and smooth rough skin and calluses. Aromatherapy grade essential oil help soothe skin discomfort, foot & body odor. Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules help to slough away rough patches of hardened skin, to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant.


  1. Nancy (verified owner)

    Love the smell and the product really works to exfoliate the skin.

  2. Vanessa Collino

    I can say I really enjoy using this feet scrub. It had been become of my daily routine. That I use during the week. I have noticed that does really great in removing the dead skin that is on my feet. I remember before I had very rough skin on my feet. Now this is a must have to me.

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