Lime Soap

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✔ Removes dark spots for a clearer and brighter complexion.
✔ Minimizes the appearances of existing scares, wrinkles and dark spots.
✔ Gently eliminates dirt, oil, and makeup, leaves skin feeling clean and soft.
✔ Helps remove dead cells and impurities, leaving behind smooth, moisturized skin.
✔ Anti-septic properties helps remove excess oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells that clog pores.
✔ Crisp, refreshing scent uplifts and revitalizes.
✔ Versatile use, can be used as a face soap, body soap, shaving soap or hand soap, for men and women
✔ Chemical-free, made without using any artificial colorants, parabens, Suitable for all skin types, and can be gentle enough for sensitive skin.
✔ Fragrance – Lime Essential Oil

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This Natural invigorating Lime soap is very mild and wonderful for your skin, made from scratch using quality plant-based oils for their moisturizing properties. This is a Crisp, Clean and Uplifting Soap, perfect for an early pick-me-up, or as a splashy cool down on a hot summer day. Made with essential oil of Lime which brighten and soothe the skin. Nothing but the oils with farm fresh goat’s milk, making it even more gentle and mild. Packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins, goat’s milk soothes and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. Its gentle and nourishing properties bathe your skin in luxury. The milk naturally exfoliates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and silky soft.


  1. Sonia (verified owner)

    I love the Lime Soap by NNVE! This is such a high-quality product for a great value. It’s been difficult finding a soap that doesn’t make my skin feel dry and irritated. This Lime soap is gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling and looking hydrated. It smells really good too!

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