Carotene Foot Cream


Refresh and repair dry feet and cracked heels for ultimate soft, smooth and rejuvenated feet with Carotene Foot Cream. The skin on the foot is unique as it’s designed to withstand the day to day pressure of walking and standing. Sometimes prolonged pressure and friction, such as form ill-fitting shoes or being on your feet a lot, can cause hard skin to build up. This Carotene Cream is formulated as an intense treatment cream with effective natural oils and extracts, to regenerate, soften and soothe inflamed, rough and chapped skin; particularly skin that is dry scaly and horny. It effectively reduces corns and calluses, while providing care effects which are immediately visible. This foot cream also provides beauty benefits to your feet such as smoothing them and helping to prevent unsightly foot skin issues that can ruin the look of your feet.

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✔ Relives and Repairs extremely Dry, Cracked Feet.
✔ Carrot Seed Oil rich in Carotene and valued for its soothing and relaxing properties. It stimulates cell renewal and is a great benefit to mature or dry skin. It protects skin from extreme weather and is indispensable for hikers, skiers, and outdoor athletes.
✔ Grapeseed Oil is full of antioxidants, vitamin E and linoleic acid which soothes, nourishes and repairs the skin.
✔ Avocado Oil contains natural lipo-soluble vitamin A, D, & E. It has excellent
penetration into the skin where it stimulates collagen production.


How It Works:
Instantly Boosts Moisture Levels
Creates a Protective Layer
Helps Prevent Moisture Loss


  1. Ntina labrakos (verified owner)

    Used this after the bath on heels and already they feel soft. Easy to apply and doesn’t feel greasy. Great product !

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